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Posted by: リカ☆ | 2003.12.03 at 02:12 PM


Posted by: satoshis | 2003.12.03 at 03:06 PM Whenever I try to uninstall Spy Sweeper, I get a prompt saying the uninstall program doesn't exist (same result whether I do this through Start menu or Add or Remve Programs). I DLed Ccleaner and Revo but they don't uninstall it either. I also tried reinstalling and then uninstalling but the installation cannot be completed because of an error. Using the cd won't do the trick either; it cannot complete installation (error message). What may have caused this is a recent system restore that I had executed to prevent the progression of a virus after Spy Sweeper had already been uninstalled (I think). I'm not sure but is it possible that that had something to do with it? Please help me get rid of this crappy program.

Posted by: SAnnonjumups | 2011.09.11 at 12:06 AM

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